Passionate about quality sound reproduction for more than 30 years, we have listened to, compared and experienced all the speaker technologies existing on the market: electrodynamics, high efficiency, electrostatic, ribbons in different forms, flat diaphragm speakers rigid… etc. Each of these technologies have undeniable qualities, but we are convinced that the one that brings together the most advantages and allows music to be reproduced most naturally are isodynamic loudspeakers, also called Magnetostatic.

dp160 flèche



  • Diffusion over a large area by plane wave, which allows for immersive listening without sound projection effect.
  • Dipole operation, on both sides of the speakers, to recreate the spatialization of the concert in your listening room.
  • The use of extremely thin mylar membranes (12µm) for high speed and no drag effect.
  • The same type of diaphragm used from bass to treble, everything works at the same speed which provides consistency in dynamic behavior across the spectrum.
  • No box behind the speaker; there is no "box sound" associated with the midrange buzz in the speaker. The timbres of the voices and instruments are perfectly respected.
  • Consistent, balanced and detailed listening even at low levels.
  • A regular impedance which does not represent a complex load on the amplifier.
  • High reliability over time, our speakers are not afraid of dust or humidity, they do not have a high voltage circuit.


The isodynamic technology well known to music lovers was developed in 1970 in the United States. Through our numerous tests and experiments, we have sought solutions to improve this technology and push back its limits, in particular for bass reproduction.

  • PPBM®: Push Pull Bipolar Magnet is an innovative patented architecture. The large section bipolar magnets, manufactured to specification, are located at the front and rear of the diaphragm. They make it possible to maintain the coil (aluminum tapes) in a constant magnetic field when the membrane moves, which is thus perfectly controlled. The bass is more dynamic and transient sounds are reproduced with precision. Listening to a grand piano is impressively realistic.
  • A Mechanical Sandwich Structure. Composed of the assembly of 3 different materials: MDF frame, fine felt and stamped sheets held in force by a mechanically welded steel frame. This set is perfectly rigid and not reasoning, it is a mechanical reference which guarantees the absence of coloring and the respect of the timbres.
  • Proprietary ribbon tweeters. The ribbon is produced as an isodynamic cell (mylar film and aluminum coil). It moves in an intense magnetic field made from neodymium magnets. These tweeters operate over a wide frequency range and mate perfectly with isodynamic cells. A simple crossover (6 db per octave) allows a perfect fusion of the registers. The highs are soft, precise and spin high to give a sublime soundstage.

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Diptyque audio - Enceintes planes Haute-Fidélité

Diptyque audio est un concept unique d'enceintes plates, haute fidélité, fabriquées en france, sources d'émotions visuelles et sonores. Fermez les yeux, le concert est devant vous, chaque instrument prend sa place dans une scène sonore incomparable par sa précision et son ampleur. Les voix respirent, on ressent la présence physique des interprètes. Ouvrez les yeux, nos enceintes sont des oeuvres d'art, des pièces uniques qui s'intègreront dans les plus belles architectures.


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Diptyque audio - Discover new sound spaces


Diptyque audio is a unique concept of flat speakers, high fidelity, made in France, sources of visual and sound emotions. Close your eyes, the concert is in front of you, each instrument takes its place in a sound stage incomparable by its precision and its amplitude. The voices breathe, we feel the physical presence of the performers. Open your eyes, our speakers are works of art, unique pieces that will fit into the most beautiful architectures.


Diptyque [diptik], En, Diptych : work of art in two parts.

made in france


These flat speakers were born from the meeting of two men passionate about acoustics: Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix. From a first prototype made in 2001 as part of an exhibition of contemporary art, they made many experiments, on materials, shapes, components, assembly processes, to develop a high-end speaker in the service of musical emotion. As result of their aesthetic and sound requirements, each Diptyque is an exceptional handcrafted object.

Since his adolescence, Gilles Douziech is passionate about loudspeakers and high fidelity. At 19, during his studies of electronics, he decided to cross France to do an internship with Marcel Rochet, designer of Mulidine speakers. This passionate acoustician gave him fundamental notions about harmonic resonances but also the design of distribution filters. Then he continued his studies with an internship at the acoustic laboratory of the Toulouse university. Without ever ceasing to conceive loudspeakers, he realized for ten years a career in medical electronics in hospital. 

He specializes in ultrasound and trained by the largest companies: Hewlett Packard, Siemens, Philips and General Electric. Then he chose teaching and at the same time created his first ribbon loudspeakers to broadcast his sound creations in the context of contemporary art exhibitions. His meeting with Eric Poix will be crucial to develop the high fidelity Diptyque Audio speakers.

As a lover of high-fidelity for more than 25 years, Eric Poix has never ceased to evolve his listening system, looking for great musicality without giving into fashions and tricks. His skills and know-how in mechanics and ironwork led him to create high fidelity loudspeaker and electronics stands with great acoustic and aesthetic quality. Thanks to him, the Diptyque speakers are endowed with a very sophisticated mechanical structure giving them an extreme rigidity. The tension of the membrane is thus perfectly mastered, an essential point for the acoustic quality of these flat speakers.

« Our loudspeakers are integrally manufactured in our workshops in Montauban (France). Like luthiers, we assemble by hand each element of our models which requires a great thoroughness and a unique know-how to guarantee an irreproachable quality. At the end of the manufacturing process, each loudspeaker is acoustically measured and tested to ensure its musicality. » Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix.

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Our social and environmental commitments.

Since the beginning of the diptyque audio project, we are aware of the impact of our production on the environment. We are committed to our speakers, sources of sound pleasure, are part of a virtuous social and environmental approach.

Sustainable and repairable speakers.
Diptyque speakers, 5 years warranties, are made to last and give you a flawless listening pleasure over several decades. We design them so that you can pass them on to your children to take advantage of this unique musicality.
Diptyque speakers will be able to renovate at any time in our workshops.

Local artisan production
Our speakers are fully manufactured in our workshops in Montauban (south west of France). We master the entire production line: the melting by digital control, stamping, welding of metal elements, the manufacture of membranes and circuits. Our partners for thermolating paint and laser cutting of steel parts are local business.

The fight against waste
The best way to limit the impact of our production is to minimize waste.
Dice design Diptyque speakers We reflect on optimizing the use of manufacturing materials. The timber falls from the speaker machining are used to make packaging elements.

emballage dp107

For all other waste related to our production, we have set up rigorous selective sorting to give them a second life in recycling channels.

Selected materials
The choice of materials is a key point for limiting our impact on the environment. We selected :
- Recyclable materials: 65% of our speakers are 100% recyclable steel.
- low impact materials such as the MDF Mediland® wood fibers made from maritime pine (south west of France), classification E1: low formaldehyde content.
- A local origin: 98.5% of the materials come from France or Europe.
- Use of natural products: example Rubio® linen oils (Belgium) for treatment and dyeing of wooden parts.

Masse dp77

Strong involvement in teaching young people
Every year, we receive several trainees and students in our company. We participate in pedagogical projects in collaboration with schools and universities. We teach at the ISPRA (Audiovisual Bachelor in Toulouse) to transmit our passion for electroacoustic and the diffusion of high quality sound.

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A constant improvement.
We are committed to improving our effectiveness. We still have some axes of progress that we work to minimize the impact of our environmental manufacturing. Our priorities: packaging and shipping the speakers. We regularly update this page to report on our progress.




diptyque dp140MKIIp

The new diptyque DP140 MKII inaugurate a new generation of isodynamic speakers designed for music lovers. They are made up of two bass-medium cells operating according to our exclusive PPBM* principle that we have optimized after ten years of research and innovation. Their mechanical structure is inherited from our Reference model. The 55 cm long ribbon tweeter covers a large bandwidth to give the whole an incomparable coherence and natural sound.

Listening to Diptyque Audio DP 140 MK II speakers is an unforgettable experience. As soon as the first presentations of this model, the listeners were won over by the transparency, speed and exceptional magnitude of the sound scene reproduced by these speakers with a unique design.

Choice of customization:
-160 RAL colors


2 ways
Sensitivity 87db/1W/1m
Impedance 6 Ohms
35 - 20000Hz
Power handling 180W (recommended amplifier > 60W 
Dimensions (height / width / depth)    
1410x483x47 mm
38 Kg



diptyque dp140MK2 edge
diptyque dp140MK2 HE
diptyque dp140 MKII

NEW DP 160 MK II (November 2023)


diptyque dp160MKII

The new diptyque DP160 MKII  concentrates all our know -how for the design of high -end isodynamic speakers designed for the most demanding music lovers. They are composed of two bass-medium cells operating according to our exclusive principle PPBM* optimized. They are calibrated in their tension in order to obtain a more extensive and linear bass. Their mechanical structure is inherited from our Reference model. The 65 cm long ribbon tweeter covers a large bandwidth to give the whole an incomparable consistency and natural sound.
We have imagined the DP160 MKIIs as without compromise speakers to make you live all the intensity of the concert in your living room. Listening to Diptyque Audio DP 160 MKII speakers will transport you to the most beautiful concert halls and make you feel the physical presence of the interpreters.

Choice of customization: :
-160 RAL colors


Type 2 ways
Sensitivity 87db/1W/1m
Impedance 6 Ohms
Bandwidth 30 - 20000Hz
Power handling 200W amplificateur recommandé>60W  
Dimensions (height / width / depth)    1600x




diptyque dp160 MKII


diptyque dp77
In its apparent simplicity, the dp77 contains a concentrate of technology and know-how signed Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix. It is composed of a 0.132 m2 bass / medium membrane operating according to the exclusive PPBM* principle and a 30 cm high ribbon tweeter. Its mechanical sandwich structure is extremely rigid and guarantees the absence of coloring. Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix have designed a small panel that can integrate into any interior with its extreme fineness (2 cm) and offer many opportunities for customization and integration. The dp77 is manufactured with the same quality requirement as its very high-end models, choosing the best components to guarantee the most beautiful and realistic sound transcription.
This small speaker sounds like a big one! All the music lovers who discovered it were surprised by the extraordinary homogeneity and sound reproduction of the Diptyque dp77. Its transparency, its speed and the superb sound image it deploys in the listening space are today a reference.Sound professionals and creators today use the dp77 to integrate them into exhibitions, public spaces or amplifying acoustic instruments.
Choice of customization:
-160 RAL colors
-Textile printed with your photos : Contact us
dp77 anniversary web


Type 2 ways
Sensitivity 84db/1W/1m
Impedance 6 Ohms
Bandwidth 50 - 19000Hz
Power handling 150 W (recommended amplifier > 60 W)
Dimensions (height / width / depth) 770x470x20 mm
Weight / with stand 11Kg / 18Kg


diptyque dp77 Anniversary 1 web
dp77 Anniversary Blk
dp77 dtail
dp77 dtail


diptyque dp107 Neodio web

This new Diptyque DP107 model was born after 10 years of research and development. They are based on technology and design of very famous DP77 with a top size of 30cm. They are composed of a bass-medium membrane of 0.198m² operating on our exclusive PPBM * technology and a ribbon tweeter with neodynium magnets of 45cm long. Its mechanical sandwich structure is extremely rigid and guarantees the absence of coloring sound. Their steel and oak stand resumes the design of the old ribbon microphones, it brings great rigidity to the set and the ability to adjust the tilt according to the listening point. This harmonious proportion panel is a very high quality speaker. Its transparency, its speed and the superb sound image it deploys in the listening space will seduce the greatest music lovers.

Choice of customizations:

-160 colors RAL

-Printed textiles with your photos : Contact us

HP DP 107 DÉTOURÉ 2 web



Type 2 ways
Sensitivity 86db/1W/1m
Impedance 6 Ohms
Bandwidth 40 - 19000Hz
Power handling 150 W (recommended amplifier > 60 W)
Dimensions (height / width / depth) 1070x470x20 mm
Weight / with stand 15Kg / 22Kg
 HFA Award Highly Recommended 300pix
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diptyque dp107 Da Capo
diptyque dp107 Neodio web
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dp77 dtail
dp77 dtail


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